Nichole has had a zeal for photography since receiving her first camera as a teenager. That passion drove her to formally study and obtain a degree in still photography. There is no astounding philosophy behind her photography. Nichole simply uses her experience and unique perspective of the world to pre-visualize the images so that the final product is art versus just snapshots. Because she tries to pre-visualize, she does not like editing her images much beyond very basic color corrections.

Second to photography, Nichole loves to travel. These travels have taken her to Japan, most of Europe, and across the United States. Combining her passion for photography and travel was inevitable.

As a recognized photographer, Nichole has exhibited and sold her work in her home state of Nebraska, in Germany and in Okinawa, Japan. Most of her images concentrate on landscape, travel and life photography.

To see Nichole’s beautiful and evocative images visit her on-line gallery.